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Questions About Local Moves Answered by Your Caldwell Professionals

If you find yourself planning your upcoming move, you may have a question or two about what to expect or what you can and cannot move. Below, you will find some of our most frequently asked questions along with their answers. If you still have a question or two for us, do not hesitate to call our office today at 732-582-4080.

What steps do you take to protect my belongings on a move?

Our movers are trained and experienced in all types of moves. We will handle each box and piece of furniture with the utmost care. Once the items are loaded onto the truck, we will secure them in place, as needed.

Is Caldwell Moving Companies licensed and insured?

Yes. Caldwell Moving Companies is fully licensed and insured. We are proud to be able to give you the peace of mind that you need when you entrust us with your personal items. We are willing to provide customers with our license number and insurance information upon request.

Do I need to move all of the furniture and boxes to the front door?

No. Our team members are trained to go from room to room and pick up the boxes and move the furniture. You will find that our movers work in their own fashion to maximize time and remove all of the largest items from your home first.

Can you move all of the items I want you to?

No. In fact, it is important that you look over our list of prohibited items before you start to pack up your boxes. While we can take most items with us, there are some that we simply cannot accept such as live animals, live plants, flammable items, and cleaning fluids.

If you have a question or two about what items you can put in our moving truck, call our office today at 732-582-4080.

Do you offer interstate moves all year long?

Yes. We offer interstate moves throughout the year and can help you make your move whenever you want to. Our team of interstate movers also know how to meet each state’s regulations that have been set forth as you cross over the state lines.

How do your movers handle hiccups that may occur on moving day?

The movers at Caldwell Moving Companies are trained to handle all hiccups that may occur. We place them through rigorous training to make sure they are able to change the truck’s tire, handle any mechanical issues with the truck, re-route for traffic crashes, and more. We make sure that we are properly prepared to handle your move and will adjust to any obstacles that may try to stop your move.

If I want to move down the road, will you help me?

Yes. Caldwell Moving Companies offers local moves throughout the entire Caldwell area. We will help you move down the road, across the street, or a few blocks across town. We can help you to move anywhere that you need to go.